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To introduce more natural alternatives, making us all lead healthy lives for the future.
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I immigrated to Australia in 1968 from Bosnia with my parents to start a new life.
I was 15, and being eldest in the family, I immediately went to work to help my family. I settled into the Australian lifestyle and went to have my own family.

My Bosnian heritage included cooking and eating. We had a love for food and sharing that amongst loved one was a big part of our family life.Cheese, salami, meat, pasta & bread to share.

Our food was our joy. Healthy was not a word that came up often. I knew this lifestyle could not continue and something had to change. I went to Bosnia for a holiday, and as soon as I arrived, my sister-in-law noticed I was unwell. She gave me some minced ginger and I repeatedly took it during the day and my coughing seemed to ease. Be it luck or coincidence, it was definitely helping. Each day of the holiday my health improved.

Once we travelled back to Australia, I accidentally purchased turmeric instead of ginger. I started taking two teaspoons a day, and I never felt better.

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